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smily play
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Musical table is an idea for fun and perfect way to ensure proper development of the child.

Activation table (just a table without legs) is used to play with the child. Speaks Polish. Has lights, moving parts, min. Train on lettering tracks, buttons of different shapes and colors. It gives your child lots of developing activity. If we add to this multifaceted educational value, we will receive the ideal toy, which should not be missing in the room of our baby.

A standing child can also play with the child, using it as a stable support.

What your child gains:
- An educational table stimulates visual and motor development and encourages the child to become active.
- Moving elements have a positive influence on motor coordination, cognitive ability and causal thinking.
- During play the child learns - recognizes new shapes, colors, sounds.
- Pressing, pushing, and twisting increase the precision of the hand movements.
- Signals and lights stimulate the baby's hearing and sight.

What is a table?
- Stable and durable.
- Made of materials resistant to damage.
- No sharp edges.
- The legs of the table can be easily dismantled, so that the child can play with it
- It has two volume controls.
What is on the table top?
- Tracks with letters, followed by a colorful locomotive (sounds can be heard while driving).
- A piano with sounds, melodies and lights.
- Speaking butterfly with mirror and moving flap.
- Four colorful buttons with different shapes and colors, with drawings and animal sounds.
- Sliding window (where you can change the time of day).
- Rotating colored rattles (with different textures).
- A revolving roller with colorful, rattling balls.
- Shift lever and yellow whistle with sound.
- "flying bee" which is buzzing and talking.
- Blossoms with melodies.

The table is made of safe plastic that is easy to keep clean.

Battery Requirement: 3 x AA, 1.5 V (included).

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Gender: Boys
Gender: Girls
Minimum age: 12
Color: Multicolour

- Height: 34 cm
- Width: 43 cm
- Length: 37.5 cm

Power: Batteries / rechargeable AA
Other features:

Packaging dimensions: 55 x 41 x 11 cm

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