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Sekrety Elektroniki, Samochód i łódka

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A complete set of components that will allow you to enter the mysterious world of electronics and electrical engineering. The kit can serve as a great tool to get to know the secrets of these interesting areas of expertise. It can be used both at school and at home.

Experimenting and stimulating imaginative experiments will provide hours of great fun and at the same time let you know the rules of electronic circuits.

All components included in the kit are designed so that they can be easily clamped together using crimp connectors. Based on the detailed instructions in Polish, the child simply builds electronic sets like an assemblage, such as a device that turns on the light after dark.

More advanced users can further deepen their knowledge and skills by building their own layouts.

50 exciting experiments and the ability to build a car and boat model.

Theme: Educational
Type: Little electronics engineer
Gender: Boys
Gender: Girls
Minimum age: 6
Other features:

Requires battery (not included)

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